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About Us

Korean Association of Women Theologians

94-59 7th-Ga Yeongdeungpo-Dong, Yeongdeungpo-Ku, #301 Women’s Center for Equality and Peace, Seoul, Korea (150-037)
TEL: 82-2-365-4276 FAX: 82-2-2635-0670
E-mail: kawt@chol.com


< Brief Herstory of KAWT >
1980 KAWT was founded on April 21th
1988 Declaration of Korean Women Theologians on the Peace and Reunification of Koran People
1991 First Publication of Journal of Korean Feminist Theology
1992 Action for Eradication of Crime by US troops in Korea after the Yoon Kumi Incident
1993 First Memorial Worship Service of the April 19th Student Revolution
1998 Founded The Christian Counseling Center for Violence Against Women
2001 Movement for Abolition of System of Head of Family
2005 Academy for Women of Advanced in Age
2008 The 25th Anniversary Worship Service of In God’s Image
2010 The 30th Anniversary Worship Service of KAWT
2013 Won the Sylvia Michel Prize of the Swiss Reformed Church


<About KAWT>

KAWT was founded in April 1980 as the only organization with the goals to promote feminist theology in church and society. KAWT has made efforts in studying and practicing feminist theology and ecumenical movement for the past 30 years. KAWT’s members from different denominations have devoted to establishing end educating feminist theology, enhancement of church women’s leadership, promotion of gender equality and prevention of sexual violence and healing of its victims.

Until now, KAWT has continued to publish the Journal of Korean Feminist Theology. KAWT has also published books of various study results. In addition, KAWT has held monthly feminist theology forums and annual Consultations for Establishing Korean Feminist Theology dealing with current issues of the church and society.


<Major Activities>
-  Study and Education of Feminist Theology.

KAWT has concentrated on Korean feminist theological studies. KAWT has read the Bible from the Koreans’ women’s perspective and studied systematic theology and ministry from a feminist theological view. KAWT has endeavored to share such study results with church women, women seminarians, and women pastors. Through these studies and education, KAWT hopes to become a cornerstone of realizing gender equality in the Korean church and society.


-  Publishing Resources and Books on Feminist Theology

KAWT has published Journal of Korean Feminist Theology since its foundation. Now published twice a year, the Journal is the written responses of KAWT to social issues and prophetic voices of theological tasks. The Journal presents feminist theological insights on various issues of the Korean society and church and plays a key role in the history of Korean Feminist Theology. The Journal contains various sections such as Special Issues, Feminist Sermon, Bible study, Article on Feminist Theology, My Story and Book Review, Statements, Members News, etc.


-  Activities for Gender Equality and Democratization of the Church

As an ecumenical organization that works together with other church organizations, KAWT has been actively involved in reforming the church and realizing gender equality in the church. KAWT has partnerships with the Gender Equality Committee of National Council of Churches of Korea. KAWT works for promotion of women’s ordination and gender equality of various denominations.


-  Solidarity Activities for Democratization, Gender Equality and Peace and Unification of Korea

KAWT has dedicated to democratization, gender equality and peaceful unification of Korea. KAWT has spoken out about the sexual slavery issue under Japanese colonial rule in solidarity with the Korean Council for Women Drafted for Military Sexual Slavery by Japan. KAWT, as a member organization of Korean Women’s Associations United, has voiced out in areas of politics, legal system, social welfare, and sexual violence. Furthermore, KAWT has opposed to increasing war and nuclear crises in the Korean peninsula and committed to true peace and unification of Jesus Christ.


<Recent Publications>
Korean Women Discuss about the World and Theology: Analysis and Prospect of the 20 Years of Journal of Korean Feminist Theology (2012)
Stories of Four Women Theologians (2010)
New Horizons of Feminist Theology (2006)
A Christian Guidebook for Prevention of Sexual Violence (2005)
Women’s Psalms Revitalized in the Korean Peninsula (2004)
The Day of Everything Living: Alternative Ways to Celebrate Festivals (2005)
Blissful Completion: Strategies for Self Development for Later Life (2005)
Women’s Counseling on the Internet (2004)
A Guidebook for Aging Beautifully: Living as Big Sisters (2003)
Broken Silence: Feminist Theological Response to Sexual Violence (2001)
Stories of KAWT’s 20 Years (2001)